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The Pancake Man
He was once a regular man…then *she* came along.

She was a massive giant of a woman, wearing only her birthday suit. Her long brown hair blowing in the wind.

She saw the fear in his eyes and laughed out loud as she stomped toward him.

"Do you know what time it is, little man?" She said with a husky laugh. "Time for breakfast! Time for some paincakes!" 

She flattened him with one foot. Squashed him. Smashed him into paste.

"I love making paincakes!" She said as she gazed down at the flattened, crumpled heap under her feet. Then she simply walked away, laughing all the while.

Well, here it is, my annual drawing. See you next year.

j/k. I'll post some more artwork before the end of the year, I promise.
Madam, Kindly Remove Your Foot From My Face 4
The Giant woman smiles down at her plaything, as she flattens him underfoot like a soda can. His demise means absolutely nothing to her.
Madam, Kindly Remove Your Foot From My Face 3
To Giant women, your face and body are convenient doormats to wipe their dirty feet. You serve no other purpose in their world.
Madam, Kindly Remove Your Foot From My Face 2
Your skull will crumple and flatten under the weight of the Giant women of the world.
Hi guys. Trying to figure out why my gallery only displays 6 or 7 pics whereas other people's galleries show about 2 dozen per page. Perhaps there's some setting I've overlooked?
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Rainier Wolfcastle
United States
Hul-lo. This is Alan Rickman. Reminding you to move the pork chops from the freezer, to the refrigerator, so they defrost properly.

Also reminding you to check out my Deviantart gallery.

Do not. Disappoint me.



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